—Manila, Philippines—
(Taken during our arrival from Singapore.)

A post earlier I mentioned that my dad worked as a seaman, with that I meant oil tankers, days at the sea, sometimes at the ports of Hamburg, Amsterdam and Thessaloniki among many others. In the photo below, he was seen off by the whole family at the airport (from left to right: aunt1, my grandma, aunt 2, dad, uncle1, a cousin, aunt3, uncle2 and uncle3 plus other cousins as well).  I feel nostalgic looking at this.


When we learned of his death, we took the earliest flight we can get  home. Sad, he was supposed to be there to pick us up from the airport as he used to. It would have been the same feeling whenever we’d welcome him back from many years of being away. He was supposed to drive us to the airport and see us off when we leave…then, I would secretly shed a tear for the loneliness I feel. This time though I shed enough to last a lifetime.

A post for Unique Exposure’s weekly challenge, Departures/Arrivals.