There’s been much debate on this, and I see lots of bloggers changing their layouts optimizing it for search engines. The little home I have is no exception. If you have noticed I have changed layouts 3 times just last month. I wanted a simple, clean layout that is easy to navigate but the husband, a web designer, doesn’t approve of this.
However, being the busy bee that he is, he can’t sit on it and make a decent layout. He did gave me a tip: black background with white fonts is easier to read. His programmer friend seemed to disagree though; “white background, black fonts!” was the strict answer.

Aesthetic or Traffic? Well, why not both? *sigh* I noticed that the page loads slower but I’m anyway sticking to this layout for now…unless I see another one that interests me more. Well, there are always free web directories to submit one’s blog to…or for paid listing, offers that too (they also gives out SEO optimization secrets there!)