We finally replaced the Plasma TV with the LCD TV ((Liquid-crystal display tv)Β that hubby has long been eyeing for.

Whenever we go window shopping for TVs I never took notice of the difference of the screens because as long as I see pictures, I’m fine! Now, I got to compare them and I can say how much better it is to watch my favorite movies! Also, since this supposed tv is used as a monitor (connected to a media computer), I am able to watch streamed videos clearly than before. Ugly Betty has never been too ugly until now!

It is no wonder that more and more countries are turning digital the past years. Understandably, a digital tv is more flexible and has many other benefits than analog tvs. Improved picture (less noise) and sound quality, efficient transition and more programming options for consumers are some to boast.

If you ever decide to go digital, do not forget to make a price comparison of the latest and best deals! Surely, you’d enjoy watching your favorite tv programmes on an lcd tv more than you did on an analog! But, I’d still prefer the bigger one…
giant screen
—Β @ http://www.savebuckets.co.uk/browse/consumer-electronics/tv-video/television-sets/lcd