Photos courtesy of my friend C.

Aside from kids’ portraits, I would love to try maternity photography. It is something I could do as a home photoshoot service. (I don’t own a photostudio anyway.) I think it is best for clients too since they can relax while shooting being literally “at home.”

The idea came when my friend posted her pregnancy photos on facebook…she blurted out the news last year and we were so happy for her…we were all the more ecstatic to learn that she’s carrying twins…

C has been a friend since highschool days. She is the bubbliest among my peers, the one who would make us laugh even on awkward moments. She is also the one who turns most heads and she looks fab in everything; be it jeans, dresses, tee or tops. Even when she’s wearing one of those low priced scrubs, she is stunning. (She became a registered nurse a few years back.)

She certainly gives medcouture a different look and face! C gained a few pounds during her pregnancy and I don’t think she’d appreciate me posting a photo of her in a maternity dress…so for now, I borrowed a photo of the cuties. (Yep, boy and girl twins.)

Congratulations girl! Double the love, double the fun! (Double the trouble too hehe.) I may not be able to take photos of you during your pregnancy but I’d surely take photos of the twins soon! Enjoy motherhood as I do…