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Dressing up

August 18, 2010


During summers I prefer that dawty wears a dress (or skirt) for that girly look.  She may not agree always because she can of course move freely wearing shorts and jeans. We would have long discussions regarding this but I’d end up on the winning end. 😉

I also prefer wearing dresses and skirts. Not only because I got used to but because I find it more comfortable. Save for those occasions that hubby and I plays tennis I would always go on a skirt outside.

Of course, kid’s dresses costs less than women’s dresses unless they come from France. 🙂 My favorite designs where I mostly buy my daughters include  Zara, Benetton, Next and Marks & Spencers…though I would also go without the labels because I’m quite they’d look good on my daughter anyway and that my daughter would look good with them. 😉

photo (1)

I on the other hand, thrifty as could be would wait when my favorite shops go on sale. H&M, Zara, Orsay and New Yorker would give as much as 70% off on their dresses…imagine how much I could save up for that! I’m not the only one who feels satisfied, the hubby as well who gives me my salary (I’ve been working as his employee/assistant since the beginning of the year and I get the minimum wage salary.)





(One of my favorite dress -same color as my iphone case, lol)


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