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Eis – Weekend Snapshot

May 11, 2009


Want some ice cream? Pick your flavor on your favorite cone but not the big one! Spring has suddenly jump up  few degrees higher so ice cream shops (or coffee-ice cream) are finally open. I thought the kids would ask for ice cream when we went out last Saturday. I was surprised that they chose to have a ride over a cone! I bet they just didn’t notice the ice cream shop lol.

Little boy can’t help dozing off, even at 3 years, it is a routine for him to sleep after eating (talk about piglet activity hehe!)
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  1. Ang cute naman ng mga kiddies mo and very well behaved. If I was a kid, I would choose the rides over the ice cream, cuz mommy has some stored in the freezer. To a wonderful mom, happy mother’s day.

  2. Oh,G, btw I can’t help reading your plurk message. You can keep your “points” or karma ba ‘yun, only if you plan not to plurk for a long time, say one week or so, if you freeze it. You will only loose a point. You can reactivate it when you are ready.

  3. sarap naman ng tulog nung isa, wala syang pakelam sa paligid , as long as sya ay nasa sarili niyang mundo, sa la-la-la-land……:)

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