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Fall Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning


Spring is no longer the lone season for keeping the house in spic and span condition. Fall cleaning is becoming quite common in the northern hemisphere as those who were not able to finish their cleaning and home maintenance tasks in spring complete them in fall (sometimes throughout the summer). Doing extra cleaning during fall removes traces of summer dust and preps the house for the cold winter months. It is also a good opportunity to check on home equipment and furnishings that will help keep the indoors warm and cozy throughout the winter.

cleaning autumn, fall cleaning

leaves! (beside our building)

Here are some fall cleaning tips that can help you cover everything or at least the essential tasks in getting the house ready for winter:

1.     Start from top to bottom, out to in. It will be difficult to work on the roof and outdoors during the cold winter months so even before the cold and snow sets in. Check and clean the gutters, windows, sills, walls, doors, and railings. Once the tasks for the exterior of the house is done then you can start working on cleaning the indoors. You need not buy new stuff to achieve that  luxury interior design look for your home, you just need to keep things neat.

2.     Secure outdoor furniture and equipment. Those who brought out some furnishings in their patio or yard for spring and summer may want to bring them back inside the house where they can be protected from the harsh winter weather. Make sure that garden hoses and sprinkler systems are free from water and cover air conditioning units to protect them from snow.

3.     Check essential appliances and fixtures and get them in tip top shape. Fireplaces or furnaces, chimneys, heaters and insulation should be among the priority as they provide warmth inside the house. You may follow suit with vents or exhaust fans, lighting, washing machine, refrigerator, ovens and other appliances if you still have time.

4.    Clean thoroughly. Suck out all the dust and dirt around the house by vacuuming drapes, furniture, and even appliances. Aside from removing possible allergens, it also helps create a brighter and cozier atmosphere in any room. Also wash, linens, beddings, comforters, blankets, and everything that will get you a nice and warm nook to rest in during the night.

5.     Stock-up on Supplies. One can never tell when one is going to be cooped up in the house because of bad weather. Make sure that you have ample emergency supplies and food around in case you need them.

autumn, fall cleaning

image via by Wing Wong




  1. in my case, cleaning is a part of my daily routine, dust accumulates so fast in my place, the reason why i keep our windows closed when i am the only one at home,keeping it closed lessens the dirt and dusts that get in.

  2. I guess because in the Philippines we really don’t have spring but we have to follow these tips and maintain cleanliness in our homes.

  3. I think fall cleaning is helpful also to ensure that key furnitures are protected during winter.

  4. What you’re writing here is just a matter of the state of the mind. I just imagine how you clean the mess brought by the fall and also by the spring. In the Philippines, there is no such king of seasons.

  5. It really takes much effort to clean a house inside and out but the rewards are immense once we get to do it.

  6. this is a very helpful article.. since we don’t have that kind of season here, I usually do my “spring” cleaning before Christmas, after Christmas and before the school starts

  7. Helpful tips you have here. How I like to take picture during fall season 🙂

  8. This post actually remind me that I need to do some general cleaning at home. Thanks to your tips too!

  9. These are great tips that I can use so much. Fall already started in here. But I haven’t done the cleaning yet. 🙂

  10. although we dont share same season, I guess those tips are still helpful for cleaning the house. 🙂

  11. i have never heard of fall cleaning before but this really sounds like a good idea. now, i wish we have fall here so that i can experience fall cleaning to the fullest, nevertheless, those tips sure can come handy!

  12. i’m not much into cleaning but i wouldn’t mind FALL cleaning if it would mean i will experience FALL season someday, hehe!

  13. Here in the UK we do have the term ‘spring clean’ but our weather is also changing constantly, so we do clean in different parts of the year. But we do love cleaning so all good here. All the best Adrian

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