Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life. The “bulge” is something that looks so natural in a woman that wearing pinafore, overalls and dresses during this period makes one look really cute! I remember having one of those maternity jeans (right photo), comfortable pants with an elastic waist that I used from my 4th month until the birth of my son. I also had an overall that could be adjusted from when the bulge was a month and I wore it still on the way to the hospital.

Nowadays, fashion maternity dresses are sold like regular clothes. Designers do not only have comfort in mind, they also think of a stylish look for the preggy mom.


Online shops are a popular stop shop for preggy moms too! There are maternity clothes that can be bought as a set (see left photo) and are available in different cool colors! I think pregnancy becomes more enjoyable when a mom-to-be sees herself as still stylish and fabulous even with a little weight added on. Go and show off that belly with style, pregnancy is not something that should stop you from being fabulous…