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Features of Children’s Easels

January 2, 2012

Parents, teachers and others who care for children often seek ways to encourage creativity in their little ones. Children’s easels can inspire them to draw, paint and let their imaginations soar. When shopping for children’s easels, there are several features from which to choose.

For instance, some artist easels have large rolls of paper that hang above the top. Kids can draw, paint, write or scribble to their hearts’ content. When their masterpiece is complete, Mom or Dad can simply snip or tear the paper above the artwork and then pull down enough clean paper for them to start again. Other easels use large pads of paper that clip to the stands. After a child has finished sketching or doodling, he can tear off the page and access a fresh one with ease. Still other children’s easels use a single sheet of paper at a time that connects to the top of the frame. This prevents paint or markers from seeping through and marring other pages.

If you hate the idea of having to purchase and throw away paper again and again, there are other types of children’s easels that you might prefer. For instance, you might opt for a chalkboard on a tripod. Provide your little ones with a variety of colored chalk and an eraser for hours of unlimited creativity.

Likewise, dry erase easels are available as well. Kids can draw, practice writing and play games such as hangman. When they are done, they can wipe off their work and start anew with very little effort. These easels do have a couple of drawbacks, though. Young children might not be ready to use dry erase markers, which can stain clothing, furniture and walls. In addition, if a child accidentally uses the wrong type of marker, the easel may be ruined as well.

Since there are many features available, selecting the best children’s easels can be tough. One way to go is to choose a double-sided children’s easel. Not only will these allow two kids to draw or color at one time, but they provide different features as well. For instance, one side might be a chalkboard and the other a whiteboard, allowing little ones to sketch with chalk while an older sibling doodles using dry erase markers. Some easels are magnetic on one or both sides, offering three features in one.


  1. I’ve always wanted to buy an easel for my little girl, just to encourage her should she have any artistic talents. Til now we haven’t cleaned up her playroom yet so we still haven’t bought the easel but this gives me the motivation to do some cleanup now because I’m reminded of this LOL

  2. My parents never developed the artistic sides of me and my bro. So, when I learned to use Photoshop and code, that’s where I focused all my artistic energy. My bro, on the other hand, expresses his art on the dishes he prepares. But, I wish our parents did influence us artistically. My dad was a draftsman and so he should’ve tried at least. :))

    When I have a kid of my own, I promise to do everything I can to help them discover their artistic side. 🙂

  3. this would be my gift for my little girl on her 8th birthday this year. been planning to give her one since two years ago but couldn’t find a good one. thanks for sharing.

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