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Featuring; Daniel Padilla

September 12, 2012
daniel padilla grow old with you
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Ironic. Even with all the time I spent online I couldn’t get to following the happenings around this kid whom I learned to like. And yes, my kids knew him from the songs I play often. Those songs were from his recently released album, it includes one of my favorites, Grow Old With you (lyrics here) which was originally sung by Adam Sandler. The album, that has reached platinum, also carries hit songs when I was his age “Hinahanap-hanap Kita,”  “Prinsesa,” “Ako’y Iyo Ika’y Akin Lamang” and much older Original Pilipino songs “Pagsubok,” and “Paniwalaan Mo.”

I think, my daughter has taken a liking to him too…oh my she’s really growing up!

Much ironic. I’ve never been into following a Filipino matinee idol because as odd as it may seem, I enjoy watching Japanese movies and dramas than the former – where I learned mostly Japanese. I therefore am exposed more to Jun Matsumoto and the likes. To break the monotony in it, I started watching his soap with fellow actress and with whom he’s been teamed up, Kathryn Bernardo.

Pardon, that’s the 16-year-old in me admiring this kid (half my age now). 😀

Daniel Padilla is the nephew of hunk actor Robin Padilla. Son of Rommel Padilla and then teen idol Karla Estrada. I don’t clearly remember when or where was the first time I saw him but yeah, just like those kids swarming his tours I am as enamored and and swooning. The photo above was during the Star Magic Ball, he left his usual badboy image an went smart and all-suited up! Not a surprise as I bet he’d always look good whatever he has on. Be it leather jackets, a plain shirt, skinny jeans and Vans…just good-looking!

One talk show host once said this kid will the next big star in Philippine showbiz…agree? Comment below!

  1. The Padilla boys sure have their charm and charisma — despite their bad boy looks. I actually went to school with 2 of his cousins (Bobby and Kris of the band HILERA).. they all have this certain look to them.. I guess it just goes with the family. 🙂 And yes, I think he may have the potential to be the next big hit! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know who Daniel Padilla is until you mentioned him to me. ehehe. I seldom watch in ABS that’s why. But I’ve been hearing his name from my daughter. Is he Rommel Padilla’s son?

  3. Just like his Tito Robin and the rest of the Padilla boys, Daniel has a unique sex appeal and my daughter and niece go head over heels with this young promising actor.

  4. i never knew he sings, just learned it now from my daughter whose a fan of their telenovela… like also the songs he sings, haven’t heard it though. i’ll listen to youtube nlng. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  5. u’re not alone, i’m in my late 20s and i felt like a teen everytime i see him on tv. i was like..oh si daniel! ang my sis would yell, mas teenager ka pa sa akin! he really has this charisma that captivates even those not in his age bracket. it’s not that i have a crush on this boy, but he’s really something. and u’re right, there is that certain look in the padilla family. u can’t say ginagaya niya si tito niya, kasi all of them (that i know of), ganun talaga sila.

  6. I really do believe that time will come he will one of the most sought after leading time at his network. There will be lots of shows lined up for him for sure.

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