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First schoolday

September 2, 2008

My daughter is officially a school kid! 😉 Still fresh from the beach and with sun burnt skin, she attended the first day of school as a grade 1 student.
She eagerly awaited for this day as she can already write and read and do minor additions and subtractions. I just hope she continue to like learning new things.

Some friends, asked what she is holding at the top photo (the big pink-princess cone) . It is actually a school cone (Schultüte) which contains school things, sweets, toys and other stuff that kids like. It has become a tradition for the parents or grandparents to prepare one for their kids/grandkids when he/she begins school. With this, kids await schoolday eagerly and with excitement knowing that there are lots of fun stuff in their ‘tüte’ (literally means bag).

On another note, I just can’t help noticing how my little girl like stuff with Princesses and Barbie on it…..tsk tsk! Well, I remember being brand concious isn’t much odf an issue to me as a kid, I just hope my little girl enjoys school and learns well plus learns how to value her stuff…

  1. Ah, first day of school. Exciting for your daughter and traumatic for mom. 🙂

    I was intrigued by the Sky Flakes tin and that’s what caught my eye first off. It was only being used as a colorful container for the metal bowl full of dog treats.

  2. She looks so grown up G. That cone thing is pretty cool, don’t you think?

    I wasn’t into brand name items but some point in my teenage years I went crazy with Sanrio–didn’t we all?

  3. I thought it was flowers too. What a unique creation to help with the first day jitters. I teach kindergarten and am happy to say only one little guy cried for about 5 minutes today. Everyone was SO exhausted by lunch time (teachers included). I am glad that our first 3 days are only half days.

  4. I still can’t leave her like that in school Chuck, I still have the separation anxiety..lol.

    FF, some kids brought boquets for the teachers too, yep, but for them its goodies and sweets!

  5. Maria, yes, Sanrio….craze! My daughter is getting independent too and sometimes, stubborn…but not much =D

    Teresa, there was also 1 boy who cried on 1st day and 2nd day…I hope he gets over it =)

  6. What a good idea, oo nga naman excited sila sa first day of school at lalo silang mae-excite ‘coz of those goodies.

    Goodluck to your daughter Giz, I’m sure she’ll gonna be a good student kasi andiyan ang mommy to guide her. *wink*

  7. Hi GM! Just passing through and couldn’t help but appreciate the cute Princess cone of your daughter – such a cool idea! You said it – kids will definitely look forward to school with “incentives” like these… 🙂

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