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March 6, 2010


Seeing chocolate bunnies and eggs on store shelves whenever I do my buying-list makes me feel foreign or alienated. We don’t celebrate Easter because of the tradition behind it. Well, supposedly it is celebrated in relation to Jesus Christ’s resurrection right? Tradition and practice however points to the pagan practice of spring worship, that of an Anglo-Saxon goddess, Estre from whom ‘easter’ was derived. Coincidentally, the Passover observed by then believers of God is close to the date of the spring equinox…reason why there is only one mention of easter in the Bible found in Acts 12:4 of the King James Version…there seems to be an error in translation.

I could go and on as I always have…but google would show what I mean…well, bunnies and eggs both; symbol of fertility are used in relation to the worship of the spring goddess…

  1. Again this is one of those themes that can easily take so many directions. Easter or no those are cute little Chocolate bunnies. Great shot and perfect for the theme.

  2. True, just like other so-called traditions that were pagan but given a name to sound as though it’s Christian. Sad, people don’t look at the real stuff… 🙁

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