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April 12, 2009


The first to spring up and the last to wither, sometimes withstanding even the cold, these are Forsythias that are planted around the building were we live.

I never knew how it was called then but jumping around posts for Today’s Flowers, I learned that they are Forsythia. At first, they seem to have no leaves, but I guess just like sakura/cherry blossoms, their flowers comes first and then the leaves grow afterwards.

Have a wonderful week!




  1. Happy to hear you learned about forsythia from my post! Yours do looks so lovely. Yes, I believe I get green leaves all over my back fence after the yellow blooms fade.

  2. What I have done with these branches before they blossom is to place them indoors in a vase of water and they open up beautifully giving a dull Spring day a burst of sunshine!
    Forsythia a sure sign that Spring has sprung!!

  3. Forsythia are a welcome harbinger of spring for sure. Thank you for sharing the close up as well as a shot of the hedge. Have a blessed Easter week.

  4. What a beautiful yellow blooms, so perfect for MYM too…I’m not sure if forsythia grows here too, maybe not ‘coz I haven’t seen one yet or maybe I just don’t look that hard. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  5. Forsythia are really nice in the spring time but they are just kinda bland after the pretty yellow flowers are gone from them. They sure look pretty in the spring time though. Hope you have a wonderful week.

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