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From My Little Boy

April 9, 2008

(10 November 07)

My older son has always been a joyful, witty kid…(Not that I am having favorites) but he is different in the way he thinks and speaks, just too funny. He loves watching the sun set, read how he explained to me what happens there. (He was 2 1/2 when he started telling me his observation almost everyday).
“Mommy, yung sonne nahulog na yun tapos na-kaputt na: kaya dunkel na…kasi wala na yung sonne!”
(“Mommy, the sun fell down and was broken: that’s why its dark…because the sun is no more!”)
  1. -and persistent…If he tells you something and you say its not like that, he will not prove himself right but will prove you wrong! (As observed by hubby) and just a proud mommy hehe…he can do additions without the help of his finger… =D

  2. This is so sweet! Kids say the cutest things. Once I told my 3 year old son “no more chocolate.” He processed the idea of having to do without and decided to tell me that his teddy bear wanted some. Waiting a few seconds he followed with a “my teddy wants to share!” I just had to let him have some after being that creatively manipulative! haha

  3. Yes Joni, the cutest (and darnest) things! Its so fun to look at them while they pause and think of how to retort…lol.

    and for your son to have thought you’d be kinder if it is Mr.teddy who wants the choco! -cute!!!

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