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Get Tagged for Good Jobs with Great Blogging

February 20, 2013


Establishing a career in writing or public relations can be tough for inexperienced or budding writers of today, especially now that competition in this field is becoming more intense. Those who would like to get an edge from competition need to explore other arenas where they can showcase their talents and get noticed by potential employers. One form of media that these promising writers can take advantage of is social networking platforms like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. They are very effective tools for those who want to see and be seen in the modern digital world.

For writers, blogging is a great way to get noticed with little or no cost at all. There are plenty of keen readers who pay attention to well written blogs and one of them may be your future employer. However, those who want readers to recognize their talents should pay attention to how they manage their blogs. Here are some points to consider in creating blogs that can catch the attention of employers.

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What goes into your blog? The most important aspect of any blog is its content. There are a lot of smart readers out there who look for meat or knowledge tidbits in an article or a write up. If you would like your blog to serve as an advertisement of your skills, then write a blog around subjects of your expertise. Even non-writers can use this media to promote their talents. Interior designers or stylists can have a blog about their accomplished projects. Readers who appreciate their work may decide to get their services for future projects. Focusing the content on what your target readers will appreciate should keep your blog aligned with your personal and professional objective.

How often should you write a post? Keep readers interested in your blog by posting write-ups on a regular basis. People like to be kept on the loop when it comes to the latest trends and product features. Making sure that your posts are updated in these matters gives you an edge against other blogs. Giving your readers at least two new entries a week can be good enough to keep them hooked in your pages.

Where can you get additional readers? If you really want to get noticed then you should work on driving more traffic to your blog site. Make use of social media sites like facebook and twitter to get more followers and expand your reach. Interesting contents are likely to be shared by your readers to their own social circles thereby increasing the number of visitors in your blog exponentially. Use sharing and tweeting prudently to make sure that people appreciate your efforts and not get turned off by it. Tweet about your personal promotions 20% of the time and use the remaining 80% for engaging in “tweeps” or promoting affiliate blogs.

With all these things considered, budding writers and professionals should keep in mind that enjoying what you do often lead to success. Learn to love your blog and treat it as a hobby instead of a chore and people are likely to recognize your talent. Who knows, you might suddenly find employers lining-up to get your services.


  1. That’s right! People should not underestimate the power of blogging as a portfolio. If you are a writer, then you’ll definitely be a sure hire if you have awesome log.

  2. I don’t own a blog, I’m just a reader.
    I agree that blogs are a way to be noticed. But the same way you can get noticed for a good job, the opposite is also true.
    Beyond what you’ve already said, I think there’s one more point that makes the difference: the blog’s design. I often visit blogs that seem interesting, but they’re so confusing, wich lots of information everywhere, that I simply can’t pay attention on the content. Of course I leave (and don’t come back). I’m not an expert, but seems to me that is not complicated to have a good template which reading is comfortable and the navigation is easy (like this one).
    PS* sorry if something I wrote sounds confusing, but english is not my native language, and I’m still learning. Thank you for the great post.

  3. I think social networking sites are key to getting noticed these days. It can open you to a reader base that may not even realize they are interested in your blog’s content until they are directed to do so and realize that it is a source that will be a benefit to him/her personally. Sometimes it pays to cross into arenas that you might not cross into normally just so you can find the reader base by engaging with everyone through your social media source, perhaps as simple as engaging with everyone you know or providing an incentive just as businesses do. Thanks for these tips; they can help someone think outside the box and provide alternate solutions that may not have become obvious before.

  4. =With all these things considered, budding writers and professionals should keep in mind that enjoying what you do often lead to success= Great conclusion.

  5. Thanks for the ideas. I am looking to getting into blogging and writing reviews on projects, so this was a lot of good information for me to keep in mind. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you very much. I tend to forget how important it is to get new posts out to keep an audience engaged. Being new to blogging and still learning the ropes, so I appreciate this post.

  7. It seems lately that these types of posts keep coming at me and I read them with rapt attention. I guess it’s time for me to get off my duff and just start blogging, which I have been wanting to do for sometime now anyway.

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