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Green Thumb Sunday – “A Hidden Garden in the City”

May 25, 2008

I’ve been in Vienna for almost 6 years, unfortunately I haven’t really ‘explored’ the city wholly. Some weeks ago, hubby and I decided to wander around since he has 2 weeks of vacation. Unfortunately, he got sick so he actually had most of the days staying at home.

By the end of his vacation though we did manage to visit Schloss Belvedere, a baroque palace and is said to be the summer house of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Turns out that not only do they have a majestic garden but a well maintained park identifying trees, vegetables, plants and flowers. It happened to be almost the end of spring when we came so we were still able to photograph the tulips. Here are some photos I took, others will be featured in my other blog, Vienna Daily.

Happy GTS!

  1. Hi! I love your flower shares…wow, just beautiful. The top photo with the wagon wheel…a great composition.

    And to answer your question about yellow bells and my share this week, angel trumpet, yes the ARE different, quite different. The size, and the one I have today is a plant, while the yellow bells is an evergreen bush that blossoms all summer long.

    Both are gorgeous tho.

    Enjoyed your G T entry. Have a glorious day.

  2. I love the focal point of the wagon wheel. All of the photos are wonderful and I enjoyed my visit.

    I have always wanted to visit Vienna. My mother was there and she truly enjoyed it. This is a beautiful garden.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Very nice photos. I’ve lived in the Phoenix area well over 1/2 century and I’m always amazed to find totally unfamiliar areas all the time. You photos are lovely. I stared at the top photo and can only see two crows. I see two black areas very near the water, but I don’t think they are crows. Where is that third one?
    Happy GTS,

  4. Your photos are beautiful. I especially like the wagon wheel as the focal point. Very nice!

    I have always wanted to visit Vienna. I think I would be exploring ever nook and cranny of the city. It has such history. And the gardens you visited are beautiful.


  5. Anni, Thanks! Ok i’d keep the flower differences in mind. Thanks for the input!

    Hi Mary, I still have lots to visit and I know there are lots to see, warm regards to your mom!

    Aiyana, it is the 2nd black thing in the water and its bathing, I’ll change the url for clicking so it gets bigger–Happy GTS!

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