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Green Thumb Sunday – First bug and flower macros of 2008

March 3, 2008

first bug

25 February 08

Meet the first insect I took a photo of for 2008 =D A ladybird on my son’s stroller…lol.

first sidewalk flowers

24 February 08

While here’s my first macro flower for 2008, sidewalk weeds called lawn daisies (?) and they grow with and as big as dandelions. Little cuties that aren’t really noticeable but since its winter one would really glance at them.

So, what is the first growing flower outside your house for this year?

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  1. Great photos! Even though there is quite a bit of green here in my garden already, I haven´t seen a ladybird yet. I guess they don´t like the heavy storms with rain we have here at the moment!
    Have a nice GTS

  2. I love daisies. I have some growing as ‘weeds’ in the driveway. The neighbours are probably wondering why I don’t pull them out!

  3. This ladybird was seen by my daughter, she has really good eyes…=) Thanks for dropping by Sisah and Happy gts too!

  4. Very nice photos. The wildflowers are starting to bloom at my house. Usually I look forward to them, but this year with so much rain, they are overwelming. I just keep thinking about have to clean up the dried debris in a couple of months! Happy GTS,


  5. Plenty o’ rain Aiyana? We had some this week too and made me sick today…=( Hope the weather gets better. But the rain is also good for your plants unless they are potted and are not being rained on? =) Have a happy week!

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