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Green Thumb Sunday – Flower Shops

April 28, 2008


Not only flower islands are prolific in the city, flower shops are open all year round. Here are 2 of them, first is near an aunt’s neighborhood on a snowy day, below is one at a train station.


Nicht nur Blumeinseln reich an der Stadt, Blumegeschäfte auch. Die erste findet man nahe der Nachbarschaft meiner Tante, unten ist an einer Zugstation.

  1. If I had an apartment close to that flower shop, I would be stopping by on a regular basis just to shop for flowers for my love. 🙂

  2. I wish I saw more of these little nurseries at stores in our country. But then, I’d spend even more on plants. Happy GTS,

  3. Eastcoastlife: I sometimes think my thumb isnt green! lol.

    Bobbie, I roam around sometimes but I found the prices a little high so I go to the local bigger garden supplies shop.

  4. annesgarden: yeah, I make my self stay away….lol. They also have those cute baskets with cute figurines and all nicely arranged.

    Panaderos, the woman you’d give it too would really be happy! She’s lucky, wow!

    Aiyana, I have a feeling that you have the greenest thumb around so if you buy one from here, they’d grow nicely and proliferate in your garden! Happy GTS!

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