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  1. As usual, you captured the prettiest flowers! Hope I can see them in person, too.

    Btw, got a tag for you! Hope you can do this in your free time. Will be posting yours today, hopefully. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Wow, if those had been my flowers they’d be – well – very much non-alive I’d say. I love watching them but they don’t love growing under my supervision… 😉

  3. Lol Per, I am not much of a Green thumb person but I try to raise some indoor plants…at least we tried, I say we just photograph them, its better! thanks for dropping by!

  4. hi (danielle) Thanks for dropping by, I just happen to take a photo of the tulip near my daughter’s school =) I envy the owner too! Happy GTS!

  5. Hallo Aiyana, a friend said they are called paraquettes in French, when I looked it means daisy and she also said that the word also convey easter, so those must be easter daisies as they bloom the weeks surrounding easter…Thanks for dropping by! Happy GTS!

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