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Green Thumb Sunday – Learning to love plants

March 31, 2008


11 March 08

My daughter had a small project at school…they were given a plastic cup and some seeds, they would plant the seeds and watch them grow, but she was absent from class the day it was given so she was a little late to submit it. She asked for some soil and whole-heartedly sprinkled the seeds on it then asked me for some water. She would then patiently water the ‘glass’ everyday.

Nevertheless, 5 days after her patience paid off! Voila! That’s her cress which she ate two days ago with butter and bread! 😉

with plant

16 March 08

Join the Fun, show what nature is about

  1. This is wonderful. And, just right for a kid. Most are too impatient to wait for anything to come up. This was a great example for her, and she got to enjoy the fruits of her patience! Happy GTS,

  2. Thanks Aiyana!

    I think she now appreciates the plants at home lol. I would make the boys do this too so they don’t pick out the leaves of our interior plants anymore =D

    Happy GTS too!

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