7 March 2008

Yesterday, I posted crocus buds, today this blossom…I took this the same day with the buds…was the first to open up.

I went to the Garden supplies shop some time last month to buy some soil and also additional pots. I bought a plant with many off shoots from a nearby grocery store (yes, they sell plants too lol). So I decided to divide the off shoots and that’s why there’s the need to buy soil and pots =).

The smallest sack available were 20L, I took one and there still remains much soil until now.

While looking for a pot I saw these! Well, just inside the shop and none in the streets yet, only the crocuses are really visible.

Here’s one of the many off shoots of the bigger plant, which name unfortunately run off from my memory (again!). Waaaahhh!

Happy GTS everyone!

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