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Green Thumb Sunday – Winter Shower

February 24, 2008

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A view from our balcony as mother nature starts to pour down snow. The still yellow-greenish leaves turned white just after a few minutes.


My pelargonia on our balcony got covered too. It would be a good idea if I take them inside before they get frozen.

pelargonia with ice

  1. Do the plants do ok even if they get snowed on? I imagine the snow could be a protection of sorts, as long as it didn’t turn to ice. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to snow! Happy GTS,

  2. In a sort of way, it becomes like the meat in a freezer…=D But the stalks get soft later on when the snow or ice melts…Thanks for asking that Aiyana, it made me think you know! Have a great week ahead!

  3. I used geraniums in my post today too but they are inside. They sometimes survive outside in Seattle but the excessive rain can cause them to rot.
    The 2 photos of before snow and after are great!

  4. Nice images from your balcony, just shows you how different it looks with no colour. I would get your pelargoniums in if i was you, I’ve just lost mine as I left them out to long and they got frosted.

  5. You’re lucky that you are able to have pelargonia at this time of year. Our annuals last sometimes into early December but then it becomes far to cold for them to survive. I hope yours make it after that snow and cold.

  6. Ay Kyels, I have this memory stick which I have been looking for since the past 3 months, I took so many snow shots there and the snow was thicker than this in the photo…I hope I find it so I can post them soon, sayang!

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