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Green Thumb Sunday

April 21, 2008

I have only seen pink cherry blossoms
so I was surprised to see the white ones.

Also surprised about dark pink plum blossoms.

  1. Very pretty cherry blossoms. I, too, thought they only came in pink. Do either of these have fragrance? I’ve not seen either in person. Happy GTS,

  2. I thought at first they wer plum but when I picked one, it was a cherry blossom!
    I’m not sure about the smell Aiyana, I’m too afraid of pollen lol, they have actually been a source of allergy to me, I don’t know why I keep coming near the flowers =)

  3. Thanks Kcee! Been a little late updating this page…hope you’re doing good, I’ll visit you tom, tulog muna! Genki!

  4. i got a cherry white flowers in my garden….but i will surely miss them coz my cherry tree is so sweet and im flying to US next week for some months!!greetings from germany!!hope to xlinks with you next time…just got so busy days all the time!!

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