Charice flyer

After posting a snippet about Charice’s February 19 concert in Vienna, Chasters (Charice ‘s fans) came visiting to check. πŸ˜‰

This is the flyer I got via email from an aunt who works closely with the Filipino community in Vienna. (Edit: I just noticed that the banner is actually from the website!) The concert will be held at the Arcotel Conference and Event Center which has a capacity ifΒ  maximum 1000 people. One of the main concerns that fans pointed out is; the venue may be too small. Knowing the popularity of Charice, it is inevitable that fans from everywhere will be flying over. This leads to the next two concerns; that tickets may be sold out soon but the publicity for this particular concert is low.

As mentioned, I got the flyer via email and OMIE (a fan based in Norway) said that in the forums, there were very few mention about the concert (there and in the blogosphere). So I called the PNB (Philippine National Bank) earlier to inquire for tickets. I was told that there are still tickets on sale which contradicts the sold-out soon thought…if the organizers were targeting only audiences in Austria then this will be the way to do it…but I’m pretty sure that they would really be sold out as soon as fans confirm the concert come February.

Anyway if you are reading this because you want to see Charice don’t hesitate to email or call (431) 532-0510 for reservations and inquiries.

P.S. I apologize for the wishy washy write up—it’s past midnight and I’m really sleepy…will be back in the morning and put everything in order….ZzzZZZ