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High-end Kitchen Appliances for a Modern Home

September 13, 2012
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No modern-day kitchen can work without a range of kitchen appliances. Whether you need to keep food fresh, clothes clean and dry or you want your dishes to sparkle; you’ll need a range of high-end appliances in order to perform those tasks to perfection. While many people will settle for appliances that do a solid if unspectacular job, you might be interested to learn that there are a number of so-called smart appliances being made by the biggest manufacturers around: appliances which perform better, look more modern and come with more additional functions.

The overall design of the modern kitchen is set to change considerably over the next few years, with innovations such as LED wallpaper which can be altered by using a PC, smooth glass cabinets and remote-controlled drawers likely to be a permanent feature in many contemporary kitchens. However, the most advanced features in the kitchen of the future are likely to be its appliances, but it’s possible to buy a hi-tech Fridge Freezer from appliancesdirect.co.uk today with no fuss.

Today, you can buy fridge freezers which come equipped with ice and water dispensers, salad crisper drawers, storage sections for wine, fresh meat and fruit. Meanwhile, you can also buy washing machines that perform 30-minute cycles and can clean delicate materials such as silk without any hassle, while the tumble dryers of today can dry clothes faster at any temperature setting than their more basic predecessors. Basically, modern-day appliances that have been built with the modern home in mind will soon render those crumbling white goods in your kitchen obsolete, and not just because of their endless list of functions.

Modern kitchen appliances can also lay claim to being highly energy efficient. Whether it’s because they’ve been made sustainably, they use less water while washing the clothes or dishes, use efficient lighting or simply because they use less electricity, they will make sense who want to spend less money on their utility bills. Most appliances made within the last couple of years will come with the highest possible energy efficiency rating, meaning that if you care about the environment, you’ll want it.

The appliances of today might seem futuristic, but if you knew what manufacturers had planned for the future, you’ll be even more amazed. Samsung plan on making a refrigerator that comes equipped with a touch-screen where you can write notes while checking for weather updates and looking up recipes. Meanwhile, another innovation in the pipeline is wireless electricity, which will make installing new kitchen appliances much easier and safer and a smart ‘grocery list’ where fridges can automatically recognise whether they’re low on certain items of food or drink. Basically, the future for kitchen appliances looks very bright indeed.

  1. Modern day appliances are really amazing, i bought an electric iron last week in an appliance store and i saw the black fridge, i really want to buy it, no coils at the back,no-frost,wide and big compartments, the freezer is already equipped with an ice maker, high eer that will help me save on my electric bill, i think it is about time to replace our old school refrigerator lol

    1. Embrace them and get use with them. I mean we really need take some time to understand or know how to operate such state of the art kitchen tools or equipment.

  2. Our home, specifically our kitchen should be updated always. Modern and high tech appliances are now readily available for the chores to be done easier and better.

  3. Talk about technology! Before you know it, they’ll come up with an appliance which does the cooking for you. Or is there one already which I don’t know about?

    I’d love that fridge which does an inventory of supplies. I always end up coming from the grocery still with missing items.

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