Following the tutorial last time, this topic is about making your blogger photos even bigger when clicked on.

Go back into that tutorial to learn about flickr. When you have uploaded your photo, select it then click the link just above the editor. See where the link button is in the illustration below.

When you click the link button, a hyperlink pop up window where you will be prompted to select the type of link you will include will be shown.
Sometimes, this feature will be blocked, all you have to do is click the pop up that will show and select ‘allow scripting.’
The default for the hyperlink type is http: so don’t change this.
You then go to your photo in flickr. Select all sizes and the various sizes of your photo available will be shown.
Choose large and scroll down. Just like last tutorial, there are 2 ways in linking photos from flickr to blogger.
We did number one when we want only a bigger photo than we usually have. This time, choose option number 2, the one with the photo’s url.
Copy the code and paste it to the pop up box and click ok.
Finish your post and then publish. Click your photo to see the results.