I was having problems with my template because no matter how big my photos are, they are limitedly shown on my page. I messed up with my template to find out how to change this and I was successful enough so here’s how.

First for the layout.

1. Go to your Dashboard, click Layout.

2. Click Edit Html from the 4 tabs shown on the page.

3. Look for the part with:

#header {
width: ______px;

You will see here on the blank above how many pixels your header has. Change it to your desired size, 1200 would be ideal for maximum use of space so change the numbers you see there to 1200. (This is for really large photos, if you want just medium fotos use 900).

4. Browse again and look for the part:

#content-wrapper {
width: ______px

Change this again to 1200 for large (or 900 for medium) so the header and the body are the same.

5. Next, look for the part with:

#main-wrapper {
width: ____px;

On the space after width is shown how many pixels your main space for photos and text has. Change it to 900 (maximum). (Use 550 if you opted for medium).

6. Click Save Template.

For the photos.

1. You will need a free photo hosting account. Take flickr for example. You upload your photos there, set up the copyright and other details required. When you’re done, click on the photo you want to post. Click ‘all sizes’ just above your photo (click photo below to enlarge)

all sizes

2. When you click the ‘all sizes’ button it will show this:


Depending on the size of your file, Large files could be as big as 1024 pixels…but here it has only 779 maximum, in this example choose large. You then select the html code below the photo, that’s option 1 as seen in above photo and paste it to where you want in your composition.

3. You can then align your photo as you want and finish your texts then publish.

Please leave comment or suggestions for this article. Thanks.