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How to Recover Financially after the Holidays

December 31, 2012


Christmas is that time of the year when people dip into their savings, doing everything possible including taking on loans, in order to make the season brighter for their friends and loved ones. Nevertheless, the Christmas rush often leaves people’s pockets empty. On top of that, it puts people in a quandary given the fact that December and January are the coldest months of the year, thereby warranting excessive use of heating systems. Thus, households acquire massive heating bills in those two months, which they would have to settle on top of their holiday expenses. However, people can take a few, simple belt-tightening steps to ensure that their bank accounts don’t go into the red.

Although this truth might seem strange, there is little people can do about the big bills they have to settle throughout their lifetime. These are always going to be there. For example, there is no easy way to reduce house rentals or grocery bills because these are bare necessities.


To reduce your spending you must try to aim for simple things. One of the easiest ways you can reduce your “unnecessary spending” is by cutting down on takeaways and coffee. It is just as quick and easy to cook at home, so why not do it? In addition, there is no point being taken in by the latte craze. A cup of coffee from Starbucks that costs about 4 dollars isn’t really worth it, so don’t spend for it! It is that simple.

Another thing you can do to save money is to reduce buying food from the work cafeteria. If you make yourself a packed lunch every day, the savings quickly add up. Since you know what you like, you can make yourself the perfect meal every time!

Carpooling or asking several of your workmates to share your ride to work is another way to save money. Everybody knows that petrol is very expensive these days, so sharing a ride with a colleague and doing the driving a day each would mean you will only have to put half as much petrol in the car. This great idea also works on school and shopping runs.

Organizing a shopping list is also a great way to reduce spending. If you really think about what you need before you leave the house, make a list, and stick to it, then there is no need to walk around all the aisles without knowing what you are looking for and ending up with a cartload of items that you don’t really need. Instead, go directly for the items on your list; thus, you reduce the chance of walking straight into the path of tempting purchases.

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  1. the holidays are over, overspending is over too hihi, well it really made a hole in my pocket and its about time to get back to regular budgeting 🙂

  2. There are a lot who have quite empty pockets after the holidays and these tips will come in very handy.

    My boyfriend and I made sure to not spend too much for December 2012 and we were able to have everything under budget.

    That first tip, cooking at home does really help in saving lots of money. My boyfriend and I rarely go out to eat nor order takeaways. We’re both busy with out work and already tired when we get home but we still have time to cook 😀

  3. Spend time with your friends for the post-holiday depression occurs as soon as the presents rush and the party mood are over. And try to talk to your friends as often as possible, be it on the phone, on chat.

  4. Me and my family spend the Holidays in a very simple way, and i think people should too. Most of us get overwhelmed with presents, decorations and the food presented on the table and forget the true meaning of it all. This way we can avoid overspending our resources. 🙂

  5. We were looking for ways to save some money and while I stay at home my husband goes off to work. He was spending on average about $15 a day between lunch, coffee and breakfast. Now I get up and make him breakfast to take to work, I make his coffee and he takes leftovers for lunch the next day to work. I figured that we are saving $3500 a year (based off of 47 weeks since he has 4 weeks of vacation a year)!

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