Being a SAHM is not easy, well, too many things to do at once is somehow tiring. Staying at home has led me to do many things that I never thought I could when I was…single. This could appear confusing as all my writings are anyway…but let me show you how a day goes for a SAHM like me.


This photo shows partly the things I do at home.

1. Laundry. Thanks to fully-automatic washing machines, wash time got shorter! After washing, get them dried out in the balcony, but because of the looming rain should be taken in again!

2. Iron clothes. After drying, take them off the line one by one, pair the socks and fold small items such as undies before actually starting to iron shirts, pants, dresses.

3. Fold/hang clothes. Blouses, dresses and pants get hanged while t-shirts, shorts get folded. Each of the clothes to the owner’s drawer or cabinet.

4. Cleaning windows. In and out! See the map?

5. Water the plants. My mom grew a garden out of hobby, the flowers and plants are sold to hotel, restaurant designers. I’ve helped her with watering the plants then, now that I have my own home nothing has changed, I’m still in charge of watering them. lol.

6. Scrub the balcony walls. But its raining so might as well let the rain wash it away? Nah…it won’t…The wall needs rough scrubbing, the floor needs sweeping because our friendly neighbors are so kind to throw cigarette butts and cartons there ! (We live on the ninth floor by the way, and ours is the last balcony so there’s no roof). I need to be careful too that the things I sweep
so as they don’t fall down the 8th floor’s balcony. But this is doable only when the floor is dry…

The list goes on, true. Now don’t forget my 3 kids… =D

I am not complaining…The day passes by sometimes without me finishing everything…so the next day starts with tons of things to do. I find it amazing I even have the time to blog…