Please use this photo and link back to this page.

1. A theme for each Sunday is listed here.

2. Post a photo in your site that best depicts the theme. Fun posts are also welcome. Please post your own photos only. You may post your photo as a second object if you have a City Daily photo.

3. Leave your url on the Sunday post here so we all have a list of who are participating. (I will be doing the Mr. Linky post too soon.)

4. If you would like to suggest themes please do so and if you would like a best post for the week we will work out a voting system.

-This meme is to enhance our skills in the different approaches of photography while at the same time presenting stuff from our City. I surely hope we’ll have fun!

Theme list

This list will be updated often so please check back once in a while.

April/May – Macrophotography

April 20 – Pollen/Stamen

April 27 – Pencil

May 4 – Grass

May 11 – Seeds

May 18 – (open for suggestion)

May 25 – Free macro subject


June – Still Life Photography

June 1 – Chess

June 8 – Window

June 15 – Fruits

June 21 – Cat

June 29 – Lamp