I’m not one who is into doing resolutions or dividing the year that has gone from the year that is coming. Simply put, I don’t celebrate New Year. If you’re familiar with my gripes you’d know that I don’t want to do anything related to pagan rituals. New year is a Roman celebration dedicated to their two-faced god, Janus. Yes, from whom the name of the first month of the year was taken. All that being explained though, I can’t help but look back at how I started this blog…inspired to share the truth to all willing readers. It was a solemn blog back then and I would love to have it that way…perhaps soon.

For now, regular programming resumes and it means stuff I see around, things my kids do and other stories at home or around the city….

So I and 2 other friends visited Ikea last week…I wrote partly about this on my kitchen blog for more specifically the food we had. We went to accompany ate M who recently transferred to her new unit. She was looking for a complete bedroom set and we tagged along.

Ikea offersย mattresses of different sizes, softness and thickness. Ate M was looking for a firm mattress that would help relieve her backache that she has been complaining about. What would be best but to try the mattresses on display if you’re really comfortable. Her smile says she likes this one than the plush mattress she first tried.

Well, there is simply no one cure for back pains since there is no one cause for them. The perfect mattress that serves up blissful relief for one person may do absolutely nothing for another person. Worse, it may compound matters or mask a serious medical condition with temporary relief. So it is always a good thing to consult a physician when one feels something different….then we told ate M to buy this mattress after she had her consultation.