I miss painting. Not the actual painting on a canvas but anything related to it. Simply sitting in front of an artwork and getting lost in it, digesting the colors; the message the artist wants to convey, the emotion that each stroke evokes. I miss writing about what I felt as I gaze…I miss interviewing the geniuses behind the masterpieces.

This longing was brought about by this single iris that the kids and I found on our way Β home. It was the lone blossom from an area of bare earth, so intense was its color that even the blind would notice. Irises remind of Van Gogh and at one point- maybe – 14 years ago I made a copy of his art piece Irises during art class. I learned to admire the work and the artist in the process…

I want to be lost in a kaleidoscope of colors once again, I want to be free and expressive again.