lens cup

Coffee lovers and photography enthusiasts can enjoy both things they love at the same time. Photography addicts can take their caffeine fix without a second away from their gadgets. Here’s a cool photographer’s cup that has been selling like hotcakes in online stores since it was launched. It continues to be one of the bestsellers in the online marketplace for novelty items. Although merchants started running out of stock of this cool novelty item, new stocks are back so everyone can take a sip of their java from a cup that looks like a DSLR camera lens.

The lens cup looks so realistic that it has fooled quite a number of people getting into a near state of panic seeing the lens barrel filled with steaming hot brew. Both hot and cold beverages can be placed in the photographer’s cup which has a stainless steel insulated interior. It’s also fun to tinker around with the twistable exterior controls just as you would with real lens focusing mechanisms. The lens cap provides a tight seal that serves to guard against accidental spills. It also doubles as a coaster to protect surfaces or a mini saucer to hold your coffee time nibblers.

You can order this photographer’s cup for your own use or as a unique gift for a friend or family member. If you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on real lens kits, a little over ten dollars is all that you need in order to get this photographer’s cup. You can even get these novelty cups at discounted prices from some etailers and online stores. Newer models of the photographer’s cup have been introduced into the market since its first set was rolled out over a year ago.

An entire set of this photographer’s cup comes boxed complete with a replica of the actual branded lens carrying bag – you really won’t be needing this carrying bag much since you will be using your photography cup at home or at work. Whether you are buying the photographer’s cup to use yourself or to give out to someone else, this novelty item will get the attention of photography enthusiasts everywhere. This snap cup sure would look right at home beside my computer workstation on top of my work desk. This photographer’s cup is definitely not a bad deal for something that costs less than twenty bucks.