When hubby left for the US we never talked about what he should buy the kids or what he should buy me. He was too work-indulged, I was too worried about his 3 weeks absence. So when there he kept uploading photos of kids clothes (like those below) and made me choose for the kids. He kept asking their sizes. I gave him their sizes, in European standards and he was like, “find the US equivalent!” I found an online kids clothing size chart and sent him detail by detail the kids’ sizes.

I was swooning over the photos seeing the price tag – much lower than the prices of kids clothing here and when I convert it gets even lower. They have a wider range of designs too…makes me want at that time to fly where hubby is. 😀


Hubby came home with perhaps enough for 2 years to last. I’m grateful since having three kids to dress up isn’t necessarily cheap. ^_^ The ones for son1 may be bigger for now but still looks good on him. Little boy got a lot more toys, bonnet than clothes.