The first month of school is over. I’m thankful that it has not been as chaotic as last year…I had problems organizing the kids’ homework back then. (If being in a language school with a teacher who doesn’t really teach can be used as an excuse).

We left school a week earlier for our summer vacation so we were able to get the report cards only when school opened. Big boy was so proud to get all 1’s while dawty was a bit sad to have gotten 2 for math. Like me, she had difficulties with numbers but excels with languages. I seriously wanted to have a free math help – student for her whom I can teach English in exchange…no I can’t do the tutorial myself, my head spins when I see numbers. I was not a math problem solver to begin with…

For two hours at most, I spend time with dawty with math homework help – the method of writing is quite different from how I used to and it was easier so I teach her that way. She gets confused with that though lol. So I sometimes seek online for free homework help. I learned that online tutors are  becoming a trend nowadays. So in case in the future my daughter would need more tutorials for College algebraFactoring polynomials and Math word problems, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a competitive online tutor.