Only the best for your dog

  What happens when your fluffy friend cannot come with you on holiday because the hotel you’re staying at does not accept canine companions? Leaving them home alone is out of the question. How about trying to find a pet hotel where your dog will feel comfortable while you’re away? As soon as you’ve found… Read More Only the best for your dog

Boo, Pets

Cuteness dognified!

– It’s a plushie…was my first guess. Until now, I’m not convinced that such a cutie could be real, but he is. Boo, perhaps the cutest pomeranian there is, certainly captured our hearts and 883,682 (as of Feb. 27, 2011, 22:05 GMT+1) more people on his facebook page. Boo loves to dress up (below photo)… Read More Cuteness dognified!