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What Are the Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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When you think of the word lawyer, you often think about the trial process where the attorneys stand before the judge and the jury and plead the case of their clients. And while this is a vital part of a criminal defense attorney’s job, it is by far not the only role he or she plays. There are several things that a criminal defense does long before you ever see the inside of a courtroom. And, the ability of the attorney to perform these other tasks will have a direct impact on how the case will play out in the courtroom.

Assessing the Case
The first thing that a criminal defense lawyer does is to begin researching the case. Depending on the size of the firm, information gathering can be done by the attorney themselves or by an investigator. This is the most important step for the development of an effective defense strategy During this phase of the legal process various documents relating to the case will be collected, interviews will be conducted and photographs of the crime scene will be taken and analyzed. After gathering all of the data, the attorney will begin to analyze the case and will begin to formulate a defense strategy.

Handling Pleas
In many cases the state’s attorney, also known as the prosecutor or district attorney, will contact the defense attorney in an effort to settle the case with a plea bargain before going to trial. A plea bargain allows the accused to accept a lesser charge in exchange for a guilty plea. The process is quick and usually results in a lower level of punishment for the accused and a guilty verdict for the prosecution. The defense attorney’s job here is to determine which path is more advantageous for their client. If they have substantial evidence that would make it difficult for a jury to convict you, they may recommend that you skip the plea bargain and go to trial. However, if the evidence is not as strong in favor of the defendant, then it may be better to accept the plea bargain and accept the lighter sentence. In some cases, the defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor for even better terms.

Trying the Case
If the case proceeds to trial, it is up to the defense attorney to present evidence that refutes the evidence provided by the prosecutor. It’s not necessary for a defense attorney to prove the innocence of their client, but to provide enough of an argument that there is a possibility that he or she didn’t commit the crime in question. The burden of proof falls on the state’s attorney.

If you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can in order to begin the legal process. While it can be an expensive proposition to hire a private criminal defense attorney, most offer free consultations, so make the call as soon as practical.


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The Golden Promise of Investing in Precious Metals like Gold

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The hard economic times are still upon us and the assurance of better times in the near future still evades us at the moment. The weakened dollar, bank failures, and threats of inflation got some people turning to alternative forms of investment in order to earn more from their money. One of the promising options that you can find in the market today is in the precious metal trade. Buying and selling precious metals like gold and silver is at the top of the list of investors who are looking to earn big and battle inflation. Gold coins and bullions offer promising rewards for those with the basic know how in gold trading and even for new entrants in the gold investment field.

Placing your hard earned money based on somebody’s forecast or recommendation alone is foolish. You need to get your facts straight and do a bit of research first to confirm the veracity of your investment information, especially when it comes to buying and selling values, integrity of the investment house or broker, and investment performances. This will allow you to properly gauge if it is indeed a good investment for you. Gold investments are popular nowadays because some perceive it as a safe haven for the uncertainties that our economic future holds for us. While it is true that gold had been performing better than stocks in the recent years, there is no guarantee on the amount or percentage of yield that you will earn from your gold investment. There are also risks involved in this type of investments which is quite similar to stock investments. Gold values also fluctuate depending on factors like the economy, supply and demand for precious metals. You should also familiarize yourself with the different types of gold coins that are available in the market to avoid getting hoodwinked by unscrupulous people.

There are gold and silver merchants like the US Money Reserve that provide information materials for those who are interested in gold investments but lack the proper know how. One way to ensure that you can collect on the promise of a good investment is by equipping yourself with the knowledge of the trade and protecting yourself by transacting with reputable dealers only.

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