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Staging a Home to Sell

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going minimal


How a person decorates his or her home is a very personal decision. There are a lot of home design tips to choose from, which helps homeowners to create a home look that uniquely describes them. When trying to sell a home, however, it takes a new mentality. It is no longer about describing the homeowner, but about appealing to potential buyers. Using Henredon furniture to stage a living room or installing shelves into a small, awkward alcove are both ways that a homeowner can make a space more appealing. To really reach out to buyers, it helps to let the clutter go, keep everything neutral, and let the furniture fit the space.

Let the Clutter Go

A home for sale should be as open and clutter-free as possible. This means cutting down on the items left out on shelves, tables, and countertops. Stylish Henredon furniture can make a space more attractive, but the space should not be overcrowded with sofas and chairs. If necessary, a homeowner can move excess clutter to a storage unit while the home is open for walk-throughs. Now is the time to show off the space that the home has, and the best way to do this is to keep things simple and free of unnecessary clutter.

Keep it Neutral, Not Personal

 Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in the home for sale. They can better do this if the décor is kept neutral and there are very few personal items still in the home. This means replacing family portraits with artwork and using drapes or bedding that are beautiful-but-neutral for every room. The better a buyer can envision the space as his or her own, the more appealing it may become.

Let the Furniture Fit the Space

Just as a space should not be cluttered with too much furniture or too much décor, make sure the size of the furniture also suits the space it sits in. Beautiful Henredon furniture can liven up a sitting room, but one oversized couch or chair can quickly make a space feel out of balance. Fit the furniture to the space. Putting them in groups away from the walls can do wonders to show off the square footage of a room.

Properly staging a home is ultimately about letting the clutter go, keeping the space neutral, and letting the furniture fit the space. When searching for the right kind of furniture, Henredon furniture can be a very stylish option for any home, staged or not. For a great selection, take the time to look at


clean it


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Home security from your phone

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Smartphones have grown in popularity, and most home security system manufactures have responded in kind by developing their own smartphone applications with growing levels of sophistication.

What should you look for in terms of smartphone functionality in your home security system?  Here are the top features you’ll want to have access to.

Push Notifications

Text messages and/or push notifications are really important in any home security phone application; because you want to be alerted immediately when there is problem at home and you’re not there.  A good system allows you to configure the system on when to notify you and when to also alert the police.  More sophisticated configurations can notify you when someone accesses the system, such as a child arriving home from school, and can even tell you specifically where the system has had a warning triggered perhaps you were expecting someone to pick up items from the garage, which explains the motion detector warning, but you weren’t expecting your bedroom window to be opened.

Remote Control

What good is a remote application if you can’t take action?  One of the best features of these apps is the ability to detect if the home alarm is on – and if it isn’t, remotely enable it.  Some phones take this to the next level, allowing you to lock and unlock doors, adjust lighting, turn TVs on and off.  The level of features and functions will vary depending on your lifestyle and living situation, but at a minimum, you want to be able to remotely turn the system on and off.

Camera Access

A good mobile security app will allow you to view footage from your home security cameras; while some apps do have limitations on real-time live shots, you should be able to at least get a quick snapshot – this is particularly important if your phone has door lock/unlock features as mentioned above.  While you probably will not have months of archived camera video access, you should be able to access the most recent feeds to see if something happened earlier in the day to trigger the alarm. See ADT Home Security products for more information.

Alarm Trigger & Police Trigger

If your phone has alerted you to a potential threat and you believe the treat is real, your phone should allow you to trigger an audible alarm, if you have one, and also alert the police to investigate.   Good home security systems have seamless integration with local police systems and can give them a file of information about what triggered the alarm, allowing the arriving officer to investigate with all the background information as to what triggered the alarm and quickly determine if there is someone in the home.

History View

Last but certainly not least in our list of useful smartphone functionality is a historical view of events and triggers from your home security system.  If you’re traveling or in business meetings and missed several notifications, or perhaps your partner or another family member reacted to the alarm before you were notified, a history view allows you to see what happened so you can check-in if needed.  This can also be useful for insurance company or police investigation purposes, giving you additional peace of mind that your security system isn’t going to miss a thing.


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How To Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable

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When you think of the bathroom, your first thought probably isn’t comfort; given what goes on in there (let’s just agree that we all know and don’t need to talk about it any further), many people consider using the bathroom as a ‘get-in-get-out’ operation.

Even if you’re the most efficient bathroom user in the world though, the chances are you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time in your bathroom. According to a study conducted in the UK, the average person spends 1.5 years in the bathroom over the course of their lifetime!

1.5 years! That’s definitely not the kind of time you want to be spending in the cold, harsh environs of the average bathroom. Here are some top tips to transform your bathroom into a comfortable utopia that you may never actually want to leave!


image by William Warby –

Change your lighting, change your mood

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of most bathrooms is the lighting. Whereas many of us go to great pains to strike the perfect lighting balance in our living rooms and kitchens, the standard lighting setup in the bathroom is usually harsh, bright lights.

Harsh lights make your bathroom seem clinical and unwelcoming; the kind of place you don’t want to spend much time in.

By contrast, mood lighting makes a bathroom much cosier. Finding good mood lighting is relatively simple too, with even bathroom cabinets now featuring mood lighting functions!

Spotlights and wall-mounted lighting can also give your bathroom a cosy edge over a hanging ceiling light.

Of course, you won’t always be using artificial light, which is where natural light comes in. Make sure that any sources of natural light aren’t obstructed in any way, especially if you have a small bathroom as plenty of natural light can make a room seem larger than it is.

Cosy floor, cosy mind

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a bed on a cold winter’s morning, walking into the bathroom and having to subject your feet to the torture of a freezing bathroom floor.

Luckily, the solution to this is relatively simple – buy a rug! You ideally want to buy a rug that matches the colour scheme of your bathroom and that is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Being resistant to the effects of water is also a must.

Smells like…a comfortable bathroom!

There’s no way to dodge the subject – bathrooms smell, and often smell really, really bad. For some, blasting a can of air freshener around the room is enough but that artificial smell can be quite off-putting and overpowering.

To maintain a constantly pleasant smell in your bathroom, try burning some incense or scented candles every now and again (although always keep an eye on anything burning!); although the candle will eventually burn out, the smell it leaves behind should last for a good few days.

Another option is to purchase an automated air freshener, which produces short bursts of air freshener every hour or so. A guaranteed way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh!

Calming colours

Colour has a big effect on our mood and can serve to either calm or agitate. Have a guess which emotion you want to be invoking in your bathroom…

Use calming colours and you’ll find that your bathroom experience is a lot more enjoyable. The obvious ‘calming’ colours for bathrooms tend to be creams and aqua tones but in all honesty, it depends on your own preferences; some people even find red oddly calming!

Whatever colour you choose, though, make the shade complementary to the room rather than the standout feature. Bright, garish shades – while working in some rooms – aren’t exactly conducive with chilling out.

So there you have it, four easy ways to make your bathroom a more pleasant place to be!

Christopher Smith is a writer currently working with Illuminated Mirrors, the UK’s leading supplier of LED bathroom mirrors.


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Musings of a Country Girl

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I’ve always been a country girl at heart…given the chance, I would choose to live in the suburbs, tend to a garden and perhaps vegetables at the backyard of a home daintily decorated with bushes, cobblestones and cherry trees.


Yes, I would trade my laptop with a rake in a heartbeat. Yes, I’d even wear them boots than pumps. I won’t really mind all the dirt, I would toil the soil, help hubby with whatever needs to be done, even choose the best materials for the coops and if ever that little backyard garden grows into a full-scale farm, I’d still be sticking around. Especially because I’ve experienced living it and buying from great dealers and experts on farmlands and equipment such as – back when visiting my mom-in-law at their farm, and yes it  is a truly wonderful purchase. A full week of simplicity and contentment, also hardwork.

We had a floor scale, a coop and some roofing materials shipped for their farm. The company in particular mentioned above provides a ton of different floor scales made from high quality stainless steel. You have the option to ship free or go with next-day shipping, which makes it easy to get the scale as quickly as possible.

There are a ton of different floor scales for every kind of warehouse and freight shipping business, but you can also find floor scales for pallet weighing and livestock. These are heavy duty scales that work in both indoor and outdoor settings, and offers legal-for-trade scales. This allows you to keep your business efficient and take accurate measurements for your customers. Ultimately any business that moves a ton of volume and has an older weight system can benefit from a low cost floor scale from In addition, floor scales come with a digital indicator that provides weights on a LED screen, which is perfect to print out for customers and keep accurate records of all shipments into your warehouse.

If you work with drum weighing, pallet weighing, bench scales and livestock, you need a heavy duty floor scale to make your operations run more smoothly and FloorScales provides industrial scales for these purposes. In addition, if your business is in the US, you can get free shipping from on any scale. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to get a high quality scale from the biggest inventory online. can sell scales for much cheaper because they have the inventory and know that it’s all about the bottom line for business owners.

All that being said, if ever there’s a need for me to shift to another line of work, I’d choose one not far from dirt, toiling and tending. Organic gardening, yes that’s my thing, probably not so much about the chickens though but I could be friends with vegetables and herbs. I can always paint my nails green. 🙂 And it’s probably true, ‘You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.’

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4 Questions to Ask When You Are Shopping for Built-In Ovens

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So you are thinking about getting a new kitchen or just replacing your old oven? If you’re narrowing down potential built in ovens solely on price, you’re doing it wrong! That’s because built-in ovens offer a whole lot more variety than just different prices.

If you want to make the best purchase for your kitchen, you’ll need to ask at least these four questions:

1. How Big Does Mine Need To Be?

Because it’s going to attach right to the wall, built-in ovens can be as big as you want! The good manufacturers will have different options to choose from, so that you can get a size that’s just right. Most ovens come in 30″ or 24″ variations. That way, you’ll be able to cook even the biggest of turkeys!

Nowadays it’s also very trendy to have actually two ovens: it’s called a 
double oven and it’s very handy to cook your meat and your cake at the same time!

2. Do I Feel Like Cleaning It Myself?

If you’re like most people, the answer to this question is a loud and definitive “no!”. Luckily, today’s quality built in ovens come with all of the same conveniences as their stand-alone counterparts — including a self-cleaning option.

built-in ovens

photo via

3. What Kind Of Finish Do I Want?

One of the biggest perks of built in ovens is that they look a whole lot more streamlined than traditional stand alone oven stoves.  If you want to play up that modern look, opt for stainless steel. The quality manufacturers will offer a shiny stainless steel finish that makes your kitchen look as sleek as possible.

4. How Fast Will It Heat Up?

This is the one question that you’ve got to ask your manufacturer — instead of yourself!  Remember, for every minute that your oven is on, it’s burning energy. That’s why the best built in ovens are designed to heat up quickly.  For instance, Fisher & Paykel ovens  use special technology that allows them to reach 350 degrees in less than 10 minutes!

As long as you can combine good looks with the most modern conveniences, it’s easy to make a brand new built in oven fit perfectly in your kitchen!

Happy shopping!

This guest post was written by Olivia Slamut, who likes to share her passion about great cuisine and find out the last trends and innovation in kitchen appliances.


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5 Tips to Keep your Kids Room Tidy

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We all know how messy our kids’ rooms can be come. It doesn’t seem to matter how many kids you have or how many share or play in the room, keeping it tidy can be a challenge. Tidying up tends to be a difficult task for them which ultimately leads to the room staying messy. Here are 5 useful tips to help keep your kids room tidy.

tidy kids room

keep it neat, image via

Toy box

Having a toy box in your kids room is one of the most common and effective ways of maintaining a clean and tidy room. The bigger the toy box or more available toy boxes the better. The kids’ can simply pile all of their toys in without the hassle of hiding or putting them back in a more inconvenient storage place. Toy boxes remove the hassle and saves much needed play time.


Under-storage can be quite effective and time saving. They are drawer like objects that are removable and can be stored anywhere. They can be stored under their bed or at the bottom of their closet which provides a clutter free environment. They are also easy to manoeuvre and move around to suit different settings. Under-storage can be used for excess toys, clothes, school books and bedding.

Praise them for cleaning up

It may sound absurd to some, however many kids seek praise from their parents. If you inspire them to clean up they may feel the need to impress you or help you out. Simple encouragement may motivate your kids to clean up and with minimal praise could further encourage these actions in the future. A simple sense of acknowledgement will inspire your kids of their good deed.


Most kids would consider cleaning up to be somewhat of a chore. Here’s your opportunity to provide a reward for their efforts of cleaning up after themselves. A reward to them may be a snack, extra play time or something to continue to motivate them to do a good job. One reward may lead to an array of chores completed outside their bedroom which ultimately will suit you.

Create a clean-up routine

Another possible idea would be to create a strict clean-up routine that your kids must adhere to. This is your opportunity to teach your kids some general household rules. By enforcing a strict clean-up time the kids will understand the importance of this activity and if broken, possibly the introduction of punishment. You could enforce a specific time to be adhered to on a daily basis. 5pm is clean-up time for example.

These 5 ideas are simple and effective to implement. Some may work and some may not however each tip is worth a try. Of course extra storage space will allow more room to store toys away, the key is to teach your kids the importance of cleaning up, evidently saving you the time and hassle of cleaning their room.

Katelyn is an interior design specialist from Brisbane, Australia. She provides these tips for readers as she knows first-hand how difficult it can be to keep kids’ rooms tidy. For extra inspiration, Katelyn recommends checking out some of the new display homes Brisbane has to offer for some of the latest in storage solutions.

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