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Some of  my sisters and brothers in faith  during a convention. Obviously, the yukatas will tell you where they’re from. 

The Japanese people of the war ain’t the Japanese people of today. The war itself was very bad but there are  those who found forgiveness in their hearts (thank you). I hope you find it in yourself too. (Watch this video on youtube and read the comments to know what I mean.)


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  1. he hearts of people all around the world are mourning for Japan today.
    We can hardly bread from fear of what will happen next.
    60 nations have offered to give what help is required.
    All of my blog friends are doing what they do best; pray to the almighty Lord for the nation of Japan.

  2. It's the fifth day after mother nature do it's terror. And the devastation in Japan saddened me I couldn't watch a video for a long time, it give made me cry. Thanks for the post!
    Ruby Tuesday

  3. My sincere prayers are for the people in Japan. There are just people who are so insensitive what's happening, maybe they don't know that what happen there could affect the entire world.

    Mary Anne’s Musings

  4. Thank you. Mirage for your answer. I have the greatest respect for people who can forgive. A Christian prays :" forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us" my country was also guilty of cruelties in Indonesia and other colonies, and I hope that the Dutch people will also be forgiven. The Aborigines relatives of my daughter's first husband forgive the white Australians for the treatment they had given them. The ordinary people of each country are often kind and hospitable, therefore we should keep in touch with them. They are not to blame for what their government does or did. Thanks Mirage! I hope the situation will soon improve.we keep praying!

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