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Happy Feet!

These shoes certainly look like my other Skechers ballerinas, the difference though is I never had blisters even during the first time I wore them. These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had! Though they look like ordinary ballerinas from topview, they are a bit dorky when viewed from the side. (See below photo.) Don’t judge the book by its cover goes the cliche and it goes for this pair as well.

I had to edit this entry because I copied this from my old review that you’ll find here. 😀

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10 thoughts on “Happy Feet!

  1. these are all the rage here too. i've been looking for something like this for walking, since i started to experience sore achy feet from heels.

  2. i wish am that rich to enjoy skecher pair, sis!

    Saan ito nabili? i wanna have one for walking purposes. sabi daw eh maka tone ng upper legs and butt. 😀

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