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4(Idling by the Danube river)

What’s the best thing to do when the sun is out on a supposedly cold autumn morning? I say we go biking, RC flying or simply go out on a walk, enjoy the sunshine, watch a movie and eat sushi later on.

When hubby goes with us out, the kids tend to really leave me alone. It’s because I’m the not so-adventurous-mom, their dad’s complete opposite. I am not envious at all because I knew well that they enjoy those times – which could be Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. They know that Daddy is up to something fun when these days come. They would fly a kite, make the RC boat spin around the water, pick up fallen chestnuts or simply sit on the grass and let me be the mamarazzi I’ve always been.

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.

I once used this quote on my other blog and it has become my favorite since. Everyday, as I said then,  the kids would immediately stop what they’re doing, they would run to the door then shout “Daddy!”  and throw their arms around him then give him a kiss.


I’ve been shooting behind their backs for so long I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made. Seeing them this way is like an assurance that as long as daddy holds their hands, it will be ok…that until they can walk by themselves, he will be there for them.

To make them hold our hands for as long as they need is the best thing we can give our kids, it may not be easy to let go later on but we’ll be sure that they can go on in life well  having held our hand firmly in their childhood.


Family Time

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  1. Well I say as long that our child still loves to hang out with us we should grab the opportunity because as time goes by their interest of binding with us will be lessen. As long as I can I want to accompany w/ my son for I know that if he grows more he wont be hanging with us but more on their friends.

  2. A father or whatever they call it plays a very important role in the family. He’s not only the head of his family, but he’s the breadwinner, the provider and the protector of the members of his beloved family. You’re right in your observation that children most likely to be with their father when outing is talked about. As you’ve said your hubby is adventurous than yours. Little children love adventure. They enjoy it. Father ‘s other role is on spirituality. He’s the spiritual leader of his family as supported by his wife. There’s a saying, “a family that prays together stays together”. I do agree with this. I lead my family in going to Church. I lead the prayer. I lead in reading the scriptures regularly for them. I give them blessings when they travel, go to school, attend their school activities. Yours is a happy family. The daddy is doing his assignment and you do help him. I know you’ve got a happy family.

  3. the pictures are effortlessly taken. you are a professional photographer by nature. and i envy that as much as the love and joy from your family. well, i am still looking for that change later in my life because of my young age.haha

  4. sweet dad. I believe our fathers play an important role in building up the characters and attitudes of their children. I salute my father for being a hardworking and patient Papa.He never fails to make us feel loved even though Mama is not with us.

  5. oh so cute ng mag aama!! 🙂 I want another kid parang mas masaya tlga pag 3 or 4 kesa ung 2 lang kasi magka competensya lagi :)) nweis, ako dn ganyan pag kasama n nila daddy nila nakakalimutan n dn ako 😛 hahhahah pero okay lang atleast pahinga tyu ahahah ;))

    THanks for joining! sli l ulet next week 😀

  6. now na mama na ako..nakakarelate naako jan..hays..
    napadaan lang ako mommy..nasa mood to blog hop..
    I always love your capture na nakatalikod ang family mo mommy..
    have a nice day..

  7. What a great blog post — that would be so cool to be able to with your kids along the Danube. I hope to make it to China one day and walk the Great Wall.

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