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Munich and Me

August 18, 2014


munich steps
Karlsplatz, Munich

Too many cities to see, so little time. This has been a sentiment I heard too often, not just from myself but from most of my friends.

Grateful though that this year proved to be one with a lot of adventures, even if for just the nearer cities as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Venice (the last two for the second time)! Each of these cities are charming, distinct and a joy to explore. Venice is without a doubt my favorite…despite the fact that my legs would be aching at the end of the day, I would love to go back over and over. Munich comes closely when talking about pleasure walks and there are a handful reasons why.

Clean streets, luscious and green open parks, great architecture, and a sense of peace and friendliness all-around would be my overall impression. It’s certainly a city I would love to go back to, walk around, discover, and photograph.

this friendly city

So here are some of what I recommend to do and see while wandering about Munich.

1. Hofgarten – Munich’s oldest park, it is an Italian style Renaissance garden that dates back to the 16th century.

2. Marienplatz – The city’s main square where both the New City hall and Old City hall are located…a rather crowded zone, the Karlsplatz, with a lot of shopping boutiques and restaurants could be intimidating with its huge crowd.

3. Königsplatz – The King’s square, if you love Greek architecture as I do, this square is a must! Built in the style of European Neo-Classicism, the square houses three grand buildings: the “Ionic” Glyptothek, the “Doric” Propylaea and The “Corinthian” State Museum of Classical Art.  

Hofgarten dome
Pavilion at the Hofgarten

4. English Garden – One of the largest parks, not just in Munich or Europe but the world. It’s so big, make sure you are up for walking, it gets a bit tiring especially since there are no way you can go back to the entrance but to walk again. (I’m not entirely sure though as I might have not seen a station nearby, but, check out this information on Munich’s public transportation).

5. Nymphenburg Palace – A Baroque palace with gardens that are a pleasure to explore, too. The French garden, for example, features  the “Grand Cascade”, a two-part water staircase installation. There are also a number of pavillions worth seeing for their architectural designs.

6. Olympiapark – The  Olympic Park constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics which functions until today. The park is located at the Oberwiesenfeld, ner the BMW welt and there’s the Olympic tower, a communication tower you can climb to give you a beautiful view not just of the stadium but the whole of Munich as well. (See photo at the bottom of this post).

Monopteros, Nymphenburg Palace Gardens

Worth visiting too are the BMW Welt Museum for the car enthusiasts, Tierpark Hellabrunn (zoo) for the animal lovers, the Allianz Arena for football fans, the Brandhorst museum,  Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek Moderne for lovers of the art, the Deutsches museum for those who enjoys history, and a handful of churches in all their grand designs for those whoe like gothic, baroque and neo-classical architecture. I would recommend booking your hotel on this website and go explore the very rich culture this Bavarian capital has to offer. Munich also has a lot to offer for a wonderful gastronomic experience, but, I’ll post about that on my food blog. ^_^

olympiapark, munich
Olympiapark stadium seen from the Olympic tower


  1. ahhh..another europe place to visit, i’m sure sometimes it does feel like you don’t have enough time to visit and hang out on those amazing places you don’t often see.

  2. The names of the places are so difficult to pronounce! I had to ask help from my hubby who attended some German language classes years ago. Haha. Munich is a lovely place. The stadium is massive!

  3. Munich has that certain charm to us. I agree, too many places to see but too little time. We visited Munich last 2008 and I’m looking forward to come back, maybe for the Christmas Market either this year or next year.

    Nice pics… 🙂 I wish we had stayed longer.

  4. Long time no visit for me. Oh I was planning on visiting with my friends in Munich this year, but sadly it couldn’t be. However, I am Venice-bound in about a month 1/2. So I may need to hit you up with some tips. I’m in the process of planning and planning.

  5. Every picture is so beautiful and I’m starting to fall in love with Greek architecture, too, thanks to your pictures 😀 Very beautiful Munich!

  6. I didn’t get to visit Munich when I went to Germany. The country’s just too big and I had too little time. Too bad. Will def visit when I go back though.

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