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My “Healthy” photo on Current TV!

November 20, 2008
You’ve surely seen this photo more than once, because its one of my favorite portrait of the trio, I’ve used it a lot of times here, in multiply and allowed for its print in a parenting magazine.

Yesterday, I got a message from JPGMag.com saying they used it as an example for the Health/Diet category to be shown on Current TV. The episodes could be viewed online or of course, on TV. They have also included the channels to catch on TV.
Forgive me, it’s the stagemama in me on cloud 9!
  1. wowowee! congrats stage mamaG! that is totally awesome and i understand how you must feel! like you want to shout it out to the whole world! glenggleng! instant models ang drama ng mga bagets!:)

  2. Wow – what great pride!
    Ang ganda nga naman ng pagkakuha mo, your kids are healthy and looked like they were having fun 🙂 Congrats, stagemama!

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