Kcee has been sending me a lot of stuff that I enjoy, the latest would be this Personality test which resulted to me being an (ENFP) Advocate – that’s Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling Perceiving.

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Description said as follows: ENFPs are introspective, values-oriented, inspiring, social and extremely expressive. They actively send their thoughts and ideas out into the world as a way to bring attention to what they feel to be important, which often has to do with ethics and current events. ENFPs are natural advocates, attracting people to themselves and their cause with excellent people skills, warmth, energy and positivity. ENFPs are described as creative, resourceful, assertive, spontaneous, life-loving, charismatic, passionate and experimental.

I was not surprised to see ENFP Career Matches to include what hubby and I could be (we are almost identical its scary) those in the list were: journalist, art director, designer, editor, painter, public relation, writer…but I was most happy to see homemaker.

Among the description listed I like this one most:

“ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They can talk their way in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it.”
Portrait of an ENFP (The Personality Page)

Now I wanna know what Oggi, Panaderos, Lynda, Atari, and Kylies’ personalities are.


Technorati Tag Repost

Backed with popular demand, here’s the technorati tag again.

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