I took this shot sometime ago at the outskirts of the city – on our way to St.Pölten, we were in the train and the mountainside was a sight to behold. Looking at the scenery of greens and blues rekindled my love of being somewhere near the mountain, enjoying the simple life just being close to nature. I grew up with grandparents living far from us. They live in a small island reachable by ship that takes about five hours travel. I remember this same setting along with other views; a small villa by the hill, log cabins surrounded by trees, a nipa hut with a small garden and black pigs running around. ^_^

Ha! It would be nice to visit those rural areas again. That’s why for this summer we are contemplating on visiting my older brother in Canada. He has recently migrated with his wife and he suggested that we checkout the Kootenay National Park, a vast area of land in the Canadian Rockies and forms part of a World Heritage Site. There’s also the Yoho, Banff, Jasper National Parks to look out for. These parks are quite famous for their rock walls, spectacular waterfalls and soaring peaks. Nature traits that my “extreme” husband would surely be excited about. (He loves extreme sports and nature adventures.)

I would particularly like to try the Hot Springs, especially famous as springs of therapeutic minerals that could relax and revive one’s soul. New lodge and authentic log cabins nestled in the trees are a well-known feature that adds to the charm of the Canadian Rockies. I would surely want to spend days there; to soak myself in a tub of mineral salts, hike, climb, raft, canoe, bike, golf, fish and horseback ride with the kids. Definitely a getaway that would bring fond memories…