Back in Highschool, my peer would exchange everyday little notes of “hi’s, hello’s, have a nice day’s and I missed you yesterday’s.” I always thought then and I still think now that it is sweet and cute especially when written personally by each of us on those recycled papers and stationeries.

I got in contact with a friend who is now based in California and we got to talking about those days, the thought rekindled those days when we would shop for special stationeries, have our own name stamps, send out letters even if we would actually see each other often. Then we also had our own calling cards, address labels and name tags printed! We had stickers and all those printed with our favorite cartoon characters that was really the example of cuteness. Well, back then we would order from friends who would bring their samples in binded folders and we pick out our designs, nowadays its easier online. Might as well try and see what I can print out, I promised my friend I would send her a snail mail soon. 🙂