Harold (hubby) and I are fish-fond people. When he was still single he owned rare saltwater fishes, one of which is an adorable dog-looking puffer fish. Two years ago, after coming back from our Philippine vacation we thought of setting up an aquarium for the kids.

Our first aquarium was a 50x30x30cm tank. We had five fishes that I bought from a pet shop near Charlie’s kindergarten. Thinking about it now seems as though we spent a big sum of money for the fishes…hmmm…40 euros for all five?

We had two Afras (blue), two canary cichlids (yellow) both from the Malawi Cichlid species all almost 3 inches from head to tail. There was also an orange tail-black fish from the Sailin catfish family, which we commonly know as ‘janitor fish.’

Hubby later on noticed one of the canary cichlids seem to have lost its appetite. He decided (the curious side of him took over) to look at it closely, ergo taking it out of the water.

He jumped in surprise when an egg came off the fish’s mouth. He immediately put the poor canary back to the water and 2 weeks later 3 fries joined the family. Too bad the bigger fishes died one by one until only the 3 small one remained each of them only 2-3cm in size.

By the way, the big rocks and drift wood were taken from the lake, the kids helped us picked some lake stones too hihi.

More on the fishes next time…