New page layout

My husband is a critic (of my photos, writing, cooking or whatever else I do), who could be harsh and direct and sometimes makes me want to just quit…But only for a few minutes. He would stay silent for a long time and later asks me, if I have reflected on what he has said. Well, it’s his reverse psychology technique , and ironically it makes me see what I should.

I am a plain person, that’s for certain. That’s why I preferred to have a simple white background layout, no other condiments. He saw the layout of this page and I received a long sermon from him, the graphics expert.

After the bashing, he finally took the time to make a design. Whew!

He actually used one of my bug photos for the header.

So, I hope to keep up with this change, find new things and write ’em down. You’ll still see the same format once in a while but surely I’ll add more.

Hajimare, Watashi no nagai nagai monogatari… (So now begins, my long long story.)