I haven’t gone to see a good movie for a long time. If I remember correctly, the last film Harold(hubby) and I watched together was The DaVinci code (lol). I can’t even remember when was that. We had a friend look out for the kids for about 5 hours (thanks tita Sol).

Our film/anime fix then comes from free streaming videos like veoh.com or aniyume.net. We would sometimes do a ‘marathon’ if we are not in a bind to finish things around the house. We’d pull out the sofa bed and have chips and nuts or kropek (how do you spell it? -shrimp crackers). Of course, the kids behave too while watching.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Wow, I was surprised how big the playscreen is! =D

Anyway, this film is the first part of Kiiroi Namida (Yellow Tears), this was the latest film that I got to see. The story is set in Post war Japan…of how 4 young artists continue to follow their dreams and hold on to their pride to not work as regular employers but as artists.

It stars Arashi (Storm), a popular Japanese pop group which includes my favorite actor Jun Matsumoto. He plays Yuji Katsumada, a delivery boy, well not one of the major roles but that’s fine, good thing is he’s still there.lol.

The other 4 boys in the group played as follows: Sho Sakurai as Ryuzo Mukai; a novelist, Aiba Masaki as Shoichi Inoue; a composer/singer, Kazunari Ninomiya as Eizuke Muraoka; a mangaka and Satoshi Ono as Kei Shimokawa; a painter.

The film has typical elements of Japanese culture, the manga, the food, the costumes, the public bath, even the room which the 4 guys rented speak well of Japan. But there lacks cohesion and emotion somewhere. It was not a movie that will bring you thrill or make you cry, rather it made me laugh at some points which I have not expected. Lacking as it may, the film put out a lesson well enough, not all dreams come true…however doable it may seem, its not that easy.

Kiiroi Namida was based on the legendary manga of the same name by Shinji Nagashima – one of the more notable manga artists from that same period portrayed by the film.

If you want to follow the nostalgic story of dreams, hope, freedom, friendship, departure and adolescent tragedy of Kiiroi Namida, please click here.