“YOU again need someone to teach YOU from the beginning the elementary things…”

-Hebrews 5:12
Sometimes, small but meaningful lessons can be learned from kids. When kids get hurt, fights with a playmate over toys, gets frustrated for not getting what they want; they cry a little, grumble a bit and that’s it.

Then they calm down, stops crying, plays again and smiles. How nice would life be if adults are as forgiving and as easily forgetting as they are…

Every child has a certain grace that is hard to define and unique in each one. A small child is so innocent. And it is able to amuse itself with almost nothing. With a piece of paper, a flower, or even a string it is happy and contented.

Further, compared with many adults, children are more teachable and not as prone to pride. They accept corrections without the feeling of being looked down. Truly, Jesus gave us the best example of humility through kids. (Matthew 18:3-4)

“Good teaching is not a matter of specific techniques or styles, plans or actions. . . . Teaching is primarily a matter of love.” -Anonymous